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Happiness, affluence, success, joy, fun in life ...
I want to enjoy it.
In any profession, in any position, in any relationship
Recognizing self-worth and self-esteem can be the key.
People who are shining understand themselves, don't they?
Do you deepen your understanding of yourself and support you to shine?
"SHINE YOUR  UNIQUENESS ~ A project that makes your uniqueness shine ”

There is only one person on this planet, you.
This fact cannot be changed.
It's your uniqueness that makes you different from others.
Discover this uniqueness. discover. Understanding. release.
And let's acknowledge, forgive, love and shine!

We will know your uniqueness from various angles.

Uniqueness project

Basic personal program

A personal program that brings out your uniqueness

You can freely choose face-to-face or online for a period of 3 months to discover, discover, and know your own uniqueness. And we will train together to make the uniqueness shine and how to actually demonstrate it in life.

This program has sessions and exercises on various themes, and we will practice and practice together.

We have 90 minutes of face-to-face or online sessions once a week.

After exercising, we will hold a session according to the exercise.

1st month theme (discovering what I am)

2nd month theme (discover and accept my personality)

3rd month theme (makes my uniqueness shine)

There are weekly exercises, sessions, consulting and homework on the theme of each month.

The weight of the theme will change at the speed that suits you.

3-month course 300,000 yen (division is 110,000 yen each month)

* Credit payment is 5% plus.


Thank you for your application. We will get back to you with details!

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